Effective SEO: Service Businesses and Top Models

Effective SEO: Service Businesses and Top Models - Akinwumi Consulting Services

We help Service Businesses and Top  Models get on Google and YouTube.

My name is Olu and I'm an SEO marketer here at Akinwumi Consulting Services

I was checking some results, and I stumbled over your website, and I have to be honest and just go ahead and ask you this:

1. Why is your website not showing up on Google first page?

2. Why didn’t you take advantage of On-Page SEO for each page of the website?

3. Did you know Google is penalizing every website that ignores On-Page SEO configuration?

Your website is not ranking on Google ... Just think about all the potential clients that you are missing...

Step 1: Keyword Research
1.1 Finding the right niche
1.2 Video Keywords
1.3 Buyer Keywords
1.4 Long Tail Keywords
1.5 Keyword Types
1.6 Analyze competition on Google
1.7 Analyze competition on YouTube
Step 2: Video Creation
2.1 Captivate Your Audience
2.2 Retention Rate
2.3 Video Sandwich
2.4 Video Branding
Step 3: Video SEO
3.1 What Is SEO
3.2 Title Optimization
3.3 Description Optimization
3.4 Tags Optimization
3.5 Closed Caption Optimization
3.6 Channel Optimization
3.7 Backlinks
Step 4: Advanced Tips
Advanced Tips